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See below CorrosionX for Guns is a fairly new product but has been tested and used by many. It is also a great product to be used on knives. It sticks to metal like a magnet.

CorrosionX for Guns comes in a 4 oz. plastic bottle, with an applicator tip thats ideal for firearms. Its easier than ever to apply the product, and get maximum protection and performance.

It is a CLEANER.

Swab a dirty bore with CorrosionX, and it will work its way through fouling to reach the metal, lifting lead, copper and powder residue out of the pores for easy removal with a patch.

It is a RUST INHIBITOR that bonds to metal (water beads on it like car wax)

It is a LUBRICANT. I think you will find that it works longer and better than anything you have tried before. Leave a light coatof the product all over a firearm, it will prevent rust between uses, and will make the weapon even easier to clean next time.

It is a PENETRATING AGENT. The manufacturer reports incidents where its application has freed the frozen actions of guns that have laid for weeks in the soaking ruins of building fire.

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